The air-tight 10-point plan

This is how an order is typically processed. Delivery time for language projects is approx. 2-5 business days. Minor deviations may occur depending upon project complexity and type.
1 Review of technical requirements
Initially, the audio format and resolution will be chosen that is needed for the recording. This varies according to application.
2 Voice talent and production music selection
You can find all voice samples and our entire music archive on this website. Making your own selection would be your best choice. But, we would be more than happy to help you with this. Just ask!
3 Request an offer
Use the request form under “Contact.” Even if you want to send an email, you will find all the information necessary for us to make you an offer in the form.
4 Order confirmation
You will receive an offer in PDF format in your email. Simply fax this back to us after management has signed it and the company stamp is on it. That’s it. If your accounting department would like the order to have an order number, we are more than willing to hold on your order.
5 Sending text
Please send us the final text you would like to use. Should you have ordered text conception or text optimization, we will begin this production step and let you see the results. We will only line the language recording up after you have approved the text that we have created for you.
6 Translation
If you have ordered translation services, you will have the chance to pre-approve this as well.
7 Voice-over and music production
We will start language or music production as soon as we have your approval. Late changes are possible, but always associated with additional costs. In regard to text and translation, you should always have a final version ready by the time language or music production begins. If this happens though…we are open for discussion :-)
8 Audio file delivery
Audio files are uploaded to our server right after they have been completed. You will receive an email with your personal access information. You can log-in in the upper right of our website and quickly download the results to your computer.
9 Feedback and invoice
Please send us feedback via email after you have listened to the results. You will receive an invoice in PDF format in your email.
10 Long-term support
Our voice talents are available long-term. Recordings with the same voice are available at a later time as well. All audio files that were created for an order are archived.