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Archiv: Gemafreie MusikMusic archive

Title Description Style Runtime
SHOWREEL MUSIC MIX Gema-freie Musikmix royalty free music MIX 06:00
A Nice Piece Of Music 01 sparsam, dezent, gefällig spare, complaisant Ambient-Pop 01:26
A Nice Piece Of Music 02 sparsam, dezent, gefällig spare, complaisant Ambient-Pop 04:07
Bank 25 dezent, rhythmischgentle, rhythmic Fast Ambient 05:49
Berlin Electro 01 Basic TOP hip, sparsam, minimalTOP hip, spare, minimal Electro Pop 01:37
Berlin Electro 01 Minimal hip, sparsam, minimal hip, spare, minimal Electro Pop 01:23
Berlin Electro 01 Unplugged hip, sparsam, minimal hip, spare, minimal Electro Pop 01:40
Big Screen 01 NEU groß, heroisch, emotionalNEW wide, epic, emotional Filmmusik 01:57
Business 01 dynamischdynamic Pop, News Style 03:53
Business 02 modern, dynamischmodern, dynamic Drum & Bass 02:50
Business 03 seriös, aber progressivserious, yet progressive Pop 04:03
Business 04 seriös, urbanserious, urban Jazz-Pop 00:34
Business 05 schnell, urbanfast, urban Dance / Pop 00:23
Cinematic 01 langsam, getragenslow, measured Filmisch 01:29
Cinematic 02 ruhig, entspanntnice and quiet Filmisch 02:57
Cinematic 03 atmosphärisch, filmischintense atmosphere Soundtrack 07:06
City Life 01 modern, aber dezentmodern, yet gentle Drum & Bass 03:54
City Life 02 modern, lebhaftmodern, lively Drum & Bass 03:10
City Life 03 weit, majestätischwide, majestic Ambient 05:24
Classical Economics 01 TOP business-like, dynamischTOP business-like, vibrant Orchestral Pop 02:58
Classical Economics 02 klassisch, erhaben classic and classy Orchestral Pop 01:21
Classical Economics 03 klassisch + modern classic yet modern Orchestral Pop 02:32
Classical Economics 04 klassisch + emotional classic and emotional Orchestral Pop 03:20
Classical Piano 01 klassisch, schön classic, beautiful Classic Piano 01:08
Club Sound 01 clubbig, tanzbarclub style, dance Dance 05:23
Club Sound 02 clubbig, tanzbarclub style, dance Dance 03:44
Cool Summer cool, leicht cool, easy R&B / Pop 03:45
Corporate Action 01 mächtig, kraftvoll, beeindruckend impressive, powerful Corporate Film 01:05
Corporate Music 01 modern, dezent modern, gentle Corporate Film 01:32
Corporate Music 02 modern, fließend modern, floating Corporate Film 03:00
Corporate Music 03 elektronisch, melodisch electronic, melodious Trip-Pop 03:57
Corporate Music 04 modern, lebhaftmodern, lively Drum & Bass 02:40
Corporate Orchestra 01 TOP positiv + erhabenTOP positive and classy Orchestral Soundtrack 04:32
Corporate Piano 01 TOP ruhig, positiv, edelTOP easy, positive, classy Corporate Film 02:27
Corporate Piano 02 ruhig, positiv, dynamisch easy, positive, vibrant Corporate Film 02:30
Digital Wave schwer, kraftvoll, hip massive, powerful, hip New Wave Rock 03:11
Dream House clubbig, spacigclub style, sci-fi House 05:38
Dubstep 01 schnell, kraftvoll, dynamisch fast, powerful, vibrant Dubstep 02:31
Dubstep 02 schwer, kraftvoll, aggressiv massive, powerful, aggressive Dubstep 03:38
Dynamic Relaxation 01 dynamisch, elektronisch vibrant, electronic Electro Pop 04:25
Dynamic Relaxation 02 entspannt, dynamisch relaxed but vibrant Electro Pop 06:14
Dynamic Relaxation 03 entspannt, dynamisch, elektronisch relaxed but vibrant Electro Pop 02:54
Dynamic Relaxation 04 technisch, easy easy, technical Pop Technical 04:51
Easy Listening 01 easy, easy, easy easy, easy, easy Easy Listening 02:12
Economic News 01 informativ, up to date informative, up to date News Ticker 02:12
Electro Minimal 01 TOP technisch, modern, hipTOP technical, modern, hip Electro Pop 03:28
Electro Minimal 02 technisch, modern technical, modern Electro 02:35
Electro Minimal 03 modern, sphärisch modern, spheric Ambient Pop 03:12
Electro Pop 01 TOP hip, modern, abstraktTOP electronic, hip, abstract Electro Pop 00:50
Emotional Facts NEU getragen, klassisch, dokumentarischNEW measured, classic Klassisch 02:23
Engineering Progress 01 leicht, sparsam, dynamisch easy, spare, vibrant Ambient-Pop 03:54
Ethno Pop 01 ruhig, Weltmusikcalm, world music Ethno 04:29
Ethno Pop 02 ruhig, Weltmusik calm, world music Ethno 04:05
Ethno Pop 03 lebendig, harmonischlively, harmonious Ethno 02:16
Expedition impulsiv, Spannungimpetuous, tension Pop 04:02
Formula One dynamisch, mit Motorgeräuschendynamic, including engine noises Funky & Jazzy 04:39
Formula Two dynamisch, mit Motorgeräuschendynamic, including engine noises Rock 04:02
From Light To Dark leicht, hell, dann kräftig easy, bright, vibrant Ambient-Pop 03:57
Funky 80s Funk, 80er Jahrefunk, 80s style Funk 03:39
Future Incorporated TOP modern, visionär, sphärischTOP modern, visionary, spheric Electro Pop 03:33
Futuristic Vision 01 modern, visionär, sphärisch modern, visionary, spheric Orchestral Soundtrack 01:34
Greatness Of Mind 01 weit, sphärisch wide, spheric Ambient Pop 05:26
Guitar Pop 01 trendig, elektronisch trendy, electronic Pop 02:22
Guitar Pop 02 britisch, modern british, modern Pop 03:12
Guitar Pop 03 charmant, druckvoll complaisant yet punchy Pop 01:57
Guitar Pop 04 TOP easy, natürlichTOP easy, natural Pop 02:33
Guitar Pop 05 groß, erhaben, lebensfroh large, grand, exhilarated Deutsch-Pop 02:18
Happy Summer akustisch, handgemacht, natürlich acoustic, hand made, natural Pop 02:41
Highlands 01 traditionell, akustischtraditional, acoustic Traditional 03:15
Hip Hop Atmo 01 Hip Hop, atmosphärisch, modern Hip Hop, atmospheric, modern Hip Hop Atmo 03:02
In The Lounge Lounge, sphärisch, cool Lounge, spheric, cool Lounge 06:29
Japan ruhig, japanische Stimmecalm, Japanese voice Ambient 11:52
Landscape 01 ruhig, Akustik-Gitarrecalm, acoustic guitar Pop 08:06
Landscape 02 ruhig, dezente E-Gitarrecalm, gentle electric guitar Pop 04:51
Lifestyle 01 TOP positiv, mittleres TempoTOP positive, mid tempo Trip-Pop 02:13
Lifestyle 02 positiv, ruhig, langsampositive, calm, slow Trip-Pop 03:21
Lifestyle 03 ruhig, langsamcalm, slow Trip-Pop 05:15
Lifestyle 04 elektronisch, melodisch electronic, melodious Trip-Pop 02:05
Mechanical Art 01 sphärisch, technisch, atmosphärisch spheric, technical, atmospheric Ambient Pop 03:06
Mechanical Art 02 dramatisch und atmosphärisch dramatic and atmospheric Orchestral Pop 03:55
Mechanical Art 03 dramatisch, Technologie, dynamsich dramatic, technological, vibrant Orchestral Techno 04:58
Metal Song 01 Heavy Metal, hart, aggressiv Heavy Metal, hard, aggressive Metal 01:21
Micro Technology 01 NEU sparsam, technisch, treibend spare, technical Ambient-Electro 02:43
Nice And Quiet 01 melodisch, positiv melodic, positive Pop 01:58
Nice And Quiet 02 TOP entspannt, akustischTOP relaxed, acoustic Pop 03:15
Nice And Quiet 03 ruhig, akustisch relaxed, acoustic Pop 02:05
Outerspace spacig, technischsci-fi, technological Ambient 04:20
Pachelbel's Kanon in D-Dur TOP klassisch, getragen, melodischTOP classic, measured , melodic Classic Orchestra 05:05
Panorama 01 nordisch, atmosphärisch nordic atmosphere Trip-Pop 03:38
Pop Rock 01 Gitarren, indie, erst soft, dann heavy guitars, indie, first soft, then heavy Pop Rock 02:33
Pop Song Retro 01 Easy Listeningeasy listening Pop 04:10
Pop Song Retro 02 Piano, Westcoastpiano, westcoast Pop 04:10
Rock-Solid E-Gitarren, geradlinig, druckvoll e-guitars, straight forward, punchy Rock 02:10
Rock Song 01 Gitarren, sort of independentguitars, sort of independent Rock 03:30
Rock Song 02 Gitarren, sort of independentguitars, sort of independent Rock 04:17
Rock Song 03 E-Gitarren, indie, druckvoll e-guitars, indie, punchy Rock 01:45
Rock Song 05 Gitarre, Funk-Rockguitar, funk-rock Rock 04:07
Rock Track 01 Gitarre, Rockguitar, rock Rock 00:37
Scuba-Diving 01 Unterwasser-Atmounderwater ambience Ambient 04:00
Scuba-Diving 02 Unterwasser-Atmounderwater ambience Ambient 04:02
Soulful 01 Acid Jazz, groovyacid jazz, groove-accented Soul 05:03
Soulful 02 Electro Jazzelectro jazz Electro-Jazz 05:23
Soulful 03 R&Br&b R&B 05:21
Soundscape 01 futuristisch, kunstvoll, reduziert futuristic, artful, reduced Soundscape Atmo 03:29
Soundscape 02 mystisch, sphärisch, reduziert mystic, spheric, reduced Soundscape Atmo 01:57
Soundscape 03 melodisch, sphärisch, reduziert melodic, spheric, reduced Soundscape Atmo 01:37
Soundscape 04 schwebend, sphärisch, hell mystic, spheric, reduced Soundscape Atmo 01:26
Sound Science 01 futuristisch, kunstvoll futuristic, artful Ambient Electro 04:22
Sounds Like Baroque klassisches Cembalo classic cembalo Classic Cembalo 00:53
Sounds Like Baroque-Step klassisches Cembalo + Dubstep-Beat classic cembalo + Dubstep-Beat Classic Cembalo - Dubstep 01:34
Stroboscope 01 NEU 80s, sparsam, electro spare, electro, 80s Ambient-Electro 02:14
Technology 01 getragen, mit Spannungsolemn, suspenseful Electro 05:16
Technology 02 schnell, dynamischfast, dynamic Electro 03:51
Technology 03 getragensolemn Electro 04:31
The Battle 01 dramatisch, orchestral dramatic, orchestral Klassisch 04:31
The Sad Knight klassische Gitarre classical guitar Classical Guitar Middle Ages 02:04
Water Atmosphere Wassersoundswater sounds Pop 03:31